About Us

"Established in 2013, Al Tharwaneya Property & General Maintenance in Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of real estate services, including sales, rentals, and maintenance. Our experienced team guarantees top-quality service, backed by essential certifications, licenses, and a commitment to innovation, positioning us as industry leaders."

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IT Solutions

Our company excels in providing a wide spectrum of services tailored to meet your technological needs.


Maintenance Services

Sustaining property value, safety, and aesthetic appeal effortlessly.


Real Estate

Efficient real estate property management for optimized investments and tenant satisfaction.


Our 3-Stage Seamless Outsourcing Process

We follow a streamlined outsourcing process to ensure smooth transition and completion of your project.

After filling the Customer Inquiry form, you’ll receive a call or email from our sales team.

After inquiry, we will provide a quotation with your inquiry.

Make an appointment to visit the property.